Access Radiology, Inc., was formed in February 1998 when Rapides Radiology Associates, Inc. and Alexandria Imaging Associates, Inc. merged. This merger was done on a mutual trust and understanding that it would be more advantageous to have 1 group of Radiologists in Central Louisiana servicing the radiological needs of the community. The group is dedicated to providing the community with outstanding, innovative radiological services.


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Kishore V. Kamath, MD

Kishore V. Kamath, MD

Medical School:

Bombay University (1970-1976)
Mumbai, India


Louis A Weiss Memorial Hospital (1977-1978)
Chicago, IL

Orthopedics Residency:

Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital (1976-1977)
Mumbai, India

Radiology Resdiency:

Mercy Hospital & Medical Center (1978-1981)
Chicago, IL


Ultrasound and Angiography
LSU Medical Center (1981-1982)
New Orleans, LA