Access Radiology, Inc., was formed in February 1998 when Rapides Radiology Associates, Inc. and Alexandria Imaging Associates, Inc. merged. This merger was done on a mutual trust and understanding that it would be more advantageous to have 1 group of Radiologists in Central Louisiana servicing the radiological needs of the community. The group is dedicated to providing the community with outstanding, innovative radiological services.


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Vital 3d Imaging

Vital 3D Medical Imaging -Vital Images is medical imaging software which rapidly creates interactive three-dimensional images from two-dimensional images generated by CT and MR scanners, utilizing vital imaging (Vitrea) 3D work station for

3D CT colonography,
3D CT angiography ,
3D orthopedic bone evaluation
3D MR angiography
3D cardiac angiography

Christus St. Francis Cabrini hospital has recently purchased a Vital Images Vitrea 3D Imaging workstation Vitrea 2 is the name of the software which allows for fast and affordable computer 3D visualizations. Beginning with standard 2D CAT scan and magnetic resonance (MRI) images, Vitrea 2 allows the radiologists and clinicians to quickly and easily analyze 3D views of human anatomy and most importantly non- invasively navigate in real-time through these images to better visualize and understand your internal anatomical structures. Ultimately, this software improves medical outcomes and reduces costs by helping physicians to diagnose conditions less invasively, plan surgical treatment with greater accuracy and detect certain cancers and cardiac disease at an earlier stage. The radiologists of Central Louisiana Imaging utilyze this advanced technology can improve the practice of medicine. To follow are some examples of how this new technology will change how we practice medicine:


This system allows virtual colonoscopy, real-time "fly-through" evaluation of the colon requiring only a colon cleansing prep, insuflation of the colon with air, followed by a CT scan. No I.V., sedation, day surgery, or recovery period required. The entire procedure requires about 20-30 minutes to perform. Click HERE to experience a virtual colonoscopy fly-through.


Using a helical CT scanner, and a routine I.V. line for administration of I.V. contrast material, three dimensional visualization of the vessels of the brain, neck, chest, and abdomen can be performed.  This can be performed as an outpatient, without day surgery admission, and without any groin arterial puncture or recovery time.  Click HERE to see a 3-D angiogram  of the heart and aorta.


The three dimensional analysis of complicated fractures, dislocations, or other orthopedic problems can be crucial to the Orthopedic surgeon in the evaluation and pre-surgical planning of complicated orthopedic injuries.  Click HERE to see an example study evaluating the position of an orthopedic plate relative to the bones and tendons of the foot.