Access Radiology, Inc., was formed in February 1998 when Rapides Radiology Associates, Inc. and Alexandria Imaging Associates, Inc. merged. This merger was done on a mutual trust and understanding that it would be more advantageous to have 1 group of Radiologists in Central Louisiana servicing the radiological needs of the community. The group is dedicated to providing the community with outstanding, innovative radiological services.


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MRI Services

Brain, orbits, head and neck
Cardiac MR
Aortic MR
Spine-cervical, thoracic, and lumbar
Brachial Plexis
Male and Female Pelvis
Hips, Knees, ankles and feet
Soft tissue tumors
MR shoulder arthography
MR spectroscopy
MR angiography of brain, neck, chest, renal arteries
and lower extremeties
Breast masses and breast implants